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Germany Backpacking Diaries

Why did I go backpacking to Germany? Solo? Because you don’t always get to celebrate Easter with a German couple and a Syrian refugee with an easy going dog listening on patiently to your conversations about religion and world peace! … Continue reading

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Click it like KV!

Originally posted on The Other Side:
“Frankly speaking, CA is my other side”. I smile at his humbleness. But he still reiterates that claim a couple of times over the period of the interview. Meet CA Ketan Vikamsey. CA Ketan…

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The Talking Sea

I sit by myself, on the rocks, across the sea, staring into the nothingness. “Bad day, eh?”  I hear someone say.  I look around but there is no one.  “I am all around you and you still look puzzled” I … Continue reading

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The Startup Trail

My father is a tough man. The day I told him I was quitting my awesome day job to join a startup, he thought I had gone nuts. To those who do not know me well, I am a Chartered … Continue reading

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The Finish Line – My First Full Marathon

I woke up with a start. I’ve always had bad dreams about being late for an important exam / event. I glanced at my phone. It said 3:40 am. Thank God! I hadn’t slept too well. Rather I had slept … Continue reading

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My Bucket List Story

I lay on the examination table fidgeting with my case file. The bunch of medical reports cluttered in there made me nervous. “So, how are you doing today young lady?” he marched in. I gave the doc my trademarked sarcastic … Continue reading

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8 reasons why you should travel alone, trek the Himalayas and sleep under the stars

Yes. I trekked the Himalayas. With a bunch of people I had never met before. And it has been amongst the best things I have ever done. “You are just too inspired by yeh jawaani hai deewani. Or Queen.” This … Continue reading

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