The Talking Sea


I sit by myself, on the rocks, across the sea, staring into the nothingness.

“Bad day, eh?”  I hear someone say.  I look around but there is no one.  “I am all around you and you still look puzzled” I hear it back. The only thing all around me was the endless sea. So the sea wants to talk to me. I am definitely having a bad day.

Me:  Hi there, Mr. Sea!

I stay silent not wanting to think or talk about my bad day. I prefer small talk, I insist to the Sea.

Sea: You humans! You’re not bold enough as me.

Look at me, my wave.
I hit these rocks hard,  yet I am brave.
I rise again not accepting my dole,
A rock can break me not my soul.  

Me : That’s quite poetic, Mr. Sea.

But my waves are weak, my rocks too strong;
The road ahead seems just too long…..

Sea : You humans! You’re not ambitious enough as me.

I spread my shores far and wide,
In pursuit of happiness I never let hide.
I dream of a world that exists beyond mere existence,
Of storms and tempests and life above subsistence.

Me : That’s quite audacious, Mr. Sea.  

Ambition beyond existence was what I sought,
But my shores got cluttered, my world got wrought…..

Sea: You humans! You’re not humble enough as me.

I let the scorching sun dry me out.
I let the clouds pour their hearts out.
I let you mortals bring me pain
And yet I gave you food / water with zero disdain.  

Me : That’s quite commendable, Mr. Sea.

But my sun’s too hot, my cloud’s too dark,
My mortality is a question on which I do not embark……

Sea: You humans! You’re not …

I cut him off this time.

Me : That’s enough Mr. Sea.

You are you and I am I,
This rhyme is not really worth our while.

Sea :

Oh you fool,  but don’t you see;
The euphemism in this rhyme will make you free.
There are no rocks if there are no waves; No hope without fear,
Look beyond the clutter oh dear, the existence you seek lies right here;
And as my rhymes end too near, this is all you need to hear:
You choose your wave and you face your rock,
But you let not your ship come too close to the dock.
Because when the sun goes down and the clouds disappear,
You shall see this world crystal clear.
It will be the way it is and the way it is not,
Maybe not as perfect as you sought
But it’s definitely worth a shot!!

The talking sea has now gone and I am left smiling by myself. As I walk back, I see a teenaged girl, palms on her face, her head bowed down. And I cannot resist myself and ask “Bad day, eh?”

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7 Responses to The Talking Sea

  1. Urvi says:

    Simply amazing! Reminds me of all those times I ws sad or lost n ws sitting at the Marines.. Well.. The see did talk.. Only it Gave me the speech of its silence .. N things got sorted 🙂 ty Nikita.. Awesome! Ur writing always brings a deep wide smile to me.. Thnx n keep it up 🙂


  2. Oracle says:

    This is simply too beautiful Nikita! 🙂 Made my day.


  3. Pankti Desai says:

    Wow niku!! This is truly exceptional writing…loved the poetry!!!! It was phenomenal


  4. Harish Mittal says:

    Awesome blossom.. 😀


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